Lunar Crystals Sale on OpenSea is Live!

OpenSea recently announced support for NFTs on the BNB Chain. To celebrate, we're opening up Lunar Crystals from the Special Reserve just for you!

Over the next few weeks, we're selling the last 175 Crystals from the original Phase 1 release of 3000 Genesis Crystals.

Why Release NFTs Now?

The Lunar Foundation is looking to accomplish a few critical goals with this sale:

  1. Expand early access to the products and services we're launching over the next 18 months
  2. Get the Lunar Crystals: Genesis Collection verified on OpenSea and listed as a Trending Collection
    - This requires 100 ETH worth of OpenSea transactions, or $150K USD
  3. Raise money for the Lunar Ecosystem as we get ready to ship our first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings to production.

What You Get

Besides AMAZING 3D 4K renders of these gorgeous Crystals, you also get an expanding set of utility:

  • ✅ Massive DAO voting power (20x Power Points, 1 LNR token also required)
  • ✅ First access to Lunar offerings before anyone else:
          - Lunar Portfolio Beta:
  • ✅ Discounts on Lunar products & services

How Will It Work?

We'll be releasing Crystals in batches throughout the next several weeks.

Next up is our Blockchain Economic Summit Sale. We have an array of Crystals available to purchase, with some of the ratest ones on 3-day auction... including the LAST OMNICITE of Phase 1!

Stay tuned for more details about the next batch!

About the Author

Foundation Director

Silverdust is a major NFT enthusiast, financial maven, and is the former CFO of a billion-dollar bank.